Welcome to Ultra Thermo Scientific

Ultra Thermo Scientific has been designing and manufacturing environmental simulation systems for Research, Development and Product Testing in Automotive, Electronic and Defence Industries since 2002. UTS's experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of Environmental Simulation Systems include expertise in the development of the following:

  • Hot Test Chamber
  • Cold Test Chamber
  • Humidity Test Chamber
  • Thermal Shock Test Chamber
  • Environmental & Climatic Cyclic Test Chamber
  • Walk in Test Chamber
  • Chambers for Concrete Test Application
  • Freezers, Chiller Plants and Baths

During the last ten years, the design of environmental simulation systems has undergone considerable improvement due to the availability of technically upgraded measurement devices, PC-based computer data acquisition systems and real-time data evaluation systems. The impact of these changes allows for more accurate testing to occur and permits fuller automation of the existing test facilities.


Ultra Thermo Scientific offers a variety of preventive maintenance, repair and upgrade plans through our dedicated Service Group. Consisting of experienced technical service and engineering personnel, Our service team is on call for domestic clients for any requirement. Some of the Services Provided Include:

  • Annual Preventive Maintenance Program
  • After sales service
  • Calibration service
  • Refrigeration retrofits
  • Refurbishing of any manufacturer’s unit and/or model
  • Control system upgrades – any manufacturer’s
  • Spare parts orders
  • Installation services or installation supervision
  • Equipment/facility start-up
  • Equipment operator training
Simulation Systems

Experience You Can Trust

Our Engineering team has over 20 years experience with cascade refrigeration, computerized controls, electrical-mechanical controls, pneumatic and hydraulics so you can be assured of best delivery.


Concrete Testing Systems

Ultrathermo Scientific can offer Customised Concrete Curing and Testing equipments to meet your needs. This includes Heat curing chambers, Heat cyclic chambers, Steam Curing Chambers, Humidity Chambers.


Biotechnology and Laboratory Cabinets

A better preservation promise.

Ultra thermo Scientific manufactures Upright and Horizontal type Low Temperature Freezers with excellent temperature uniformity, significantly reducing sample loss and reducing maintenance.


Environment Testing Solution

Environmental tests are used to verify a piece of equipment can withstand the rigors of harsh environments, for example:
Extremely high and low temperatures
Large, swift variations in temperature Blown and settling sand and dust


Safety Systems

Protect your working Environment with our
Acoustic Enclosures
Noise Booths
Acoustic Doors
Noise proofing